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Party Themes: Some Ideas

The sky's the limit (or perhaps not, considering Outer Space theme parties) when it comes to dreaming up an appropriate theme for your child's party. Here are but a few suggestions, with ideas of how to carry the theme through in various party elements such as decor, food or games.

Bookworm: For bookworms and their literary friends, plan a party with games inspired by well-known kids' books (try a Mad Hatter dash, a Harry Potter Quiddage Quest, a Series of Unfortunate Events scavenger hunt, etc.) and uses the book theme throughout. Kids can decorate their own bookmarks as a craft project, receive books as prizes or gifts, and enjoy a "page" from a book-shaped cake.

Animal Lover: Take your guest of honor and their friends to a farm sanctuary for a visit, where they can pat and feed the animals which often include rescued goats, pigs, chickens and cows. Serve an animal-friendly (i.e. vegetarian) menu of veggie dogs and burgers on the BBQ, French Fries, corn-on-the-cob, fruit kabobs and brightly iced cupcakes each with a different farm animal face (pink for pigs, yellow for chicks, etc.). A real treat for the true little animal lover!

Mad Scientist: For the aspiring chemist in the family, stage a Mad Scientist party that invites guests to come in lab coats and funny glasses. On the front door, put up some danger tape and a notice warning that only scientists may enter the "Secret Science Lab Zone", tehn let them concoct their own crazy libations (ice cream floats and drink mixes), and be sure to include things like Slime, gummi worms, magnifying glasses and Silly Putty in games and party favors.

America's Next Top Model: Have a hair and makeup party for your pre-teen and her friends, that can include fashion-related games (e.g. walking quickly in high heels, balancing books on their heads, fastest outfit change in a mock fashion show) and a "photo shoot" setup for decor. The guests can pose for fashion photos with a digital camera, whch can be placed on fake magazine covers in Photoshop as take-home gifts.

Fancy Dinner or Tea Party: Treat your little princess and her friends to a fancy dinner at a "restaurant" in her own house. Have guests come dressed up for fancy dining, print up "menus" to choose from, and have the adults dress and serve as waitstaff. Also works well for a "high tea" party with finger foods and biscuits with cream and jam. Try a teacup shaped cake, if you can!

The Amazing Racer: Prepare a kid-friendly version of the popular reality series, "The Amazing Race". Scavenger-like games will be essential, with paired up guests travelling about the house or neighborhood searching for clues in envelopes and trying to beat the clock. Party favors can include cool water bottles, trail mix, travel diary and disposable cameras. Better suited for older children or teenagers.

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