Party Games: General Tips

One of the most important things for a child's birthday party - helpful for both the kids and adults - is to keep the children entertained! This can be easily done if enough activities are provided. Some of the most successful children's parties include some kind of craft activity, either at the beginning of the party and/or later on in the party as well. A well thought out craft (especially if it's something they can do right at the beginning of the party) can keep the kids busy while you greet your arriving guests. The finished craft can even double as a party favor. Crafting activities can be a great way to break the ice and can put the children in the spirit of your party theme. Some ideas include: working on a group "mural", decorating T-shirts with fabric glitter, painting small flowerpots, stones or other small objects, drawing funny faces on balloons, etc. Here are a few other points about party games to keep in mind:

Select Appropriate Games. Some games will be a hit and others will (despite the best planning and intentions) be a "dud". Where possible, ask your child to participate in the party game planning. If they think it's a fun game, then their friends probably will too. Consider your party space and the age group of the children.

Everyone Wins. Something that might help avoid any spats or dramas is to make sure that no children feels left out when playing games or competitions. Games can be fun but there are always some children who take it to heart if they lose or are the odd one out. For games such as Musical Chairs where one person wins in the end, it might be an idea to provide the kids who are "out" with a small prize as well.

Be Flexible. Don't require all children to participate in a game and be ready to allow a game to go longer if children are having a good time or to change to a new game as needed. Be ready to help those who need it... a child who can't read the clues well or a child who may need an extra hint.

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