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Party Locations

If you've decided that don't want a flurry of hyperactive, sugar-saturated children in your home and would rather host a party off the premises, consider some of the following locations. But note that while outings such as laser tag, sporting events, entertainment complexes and other commercial destinations are popular and fun, they are also pricey and will likely restrict the number of guests you can have. Parents of teenagers have noted that as the kids get older they want more expensive activities for their birthdays, like going to theme parks or the movies, but may then need to compromise on the number of friends they can invite.

Of course it all depends on where you live and you'll have to ask if your local facilities offer rental space or have their own programs for kids' party hosting, but here are some locations to consider:

  • Amusement Park/Entertainment Center
  • Aquarium
  • Arts and Crafts Studio
  • Ballet Studio
  • Baseball Field
  • Beach/Picnic/BBQ Area
  • Bowling Alley
  • Church or Community Hall
  • Farm Sanctuary
  • Gymnastics Studio
  • Karate Studio
  • Laser Tag/Paintball
  • Miniature Golf Course
  • Movie/Stage Theater
  • Museum
  • Nature Center/Park
  • Planetarium/Observatory
  • Pool
  • Salon/Spa
  • Shopping Mall
  • Skating Rink (ice or roller)
  • Sports Center/Gym
  • Tea Room (in a hotel or elsewhere)
  • Zoo

When making your decision, keep in mind: Space Limitations, Potential Bad Weather, Safety Considerations and Your Ability to Set Up and Clean Up. If you're spending the birthday somewhere like the park, zoo or a museum, be sure to inform the children beforehand on what rules they should follow. It's also a good idea to have the contact details of each child's parents before you go, and a sufficient number of adults to watch all the kids. It may also help to pair up kids as "buddies" so they can keep an eye out for one another.

Bowling alley

Wave pool