Party Themes: An Introduction

The best children's parties usually revolve around a party theme. A good theme will help focus your party-planning efforts and simplify the process, by giving you ideas for food, dress, music, decorations, games, invitation design and party favors. Sometimes the party theme is clear from the occasion, such as for holidays or end-of-season sports celebrations. But most other times, particularly birthdays, the theme is really up to you and your child. With their imagination and your guidance, the planning can be a lot of fun for both of you! So consider some of your child's favorites when looking for a theme:

  • Activities and Hobbies (soccer, astronomy, beading, reading, horses, computers, ballet, baseball, Lego, etc.)
  • Story (favorite fairy tale, children's classic, Dr. Seuss book, etc.)
  • TV Show (Blues Clues, Dora, American Idol, Amazing Race, Sesame Street, etc.)
  • Movie or movie character (Shrek, Harry Potter, Happy Feet, X-Men, etc.)
  • Or consider a totally off-the-wall idea (throw an eyeball party, favorite color party, bug party, everything-backwards party, come-as-you-are (no advance warning) party, etc.)

Once you've chosen a theme, start planning the party around it by looking for anything related to it, such as paper goods, posters, stickers, small toys for decorating and party favors. There is much in the way of pre-packaged-by-theme party-ware already available for just about any theme you can think of, with cutlery, accessories, goody bags, etc. But if you can't find a paper pattern that compliments the theme, consider buying solid-colored cups and tablecloths that children can decorate with markers or stickers at the party. With a little imagination, you can create a consistently thematic, fun and memorable party that the kids will be talking about for days afterwards.

Hello Kitty theme party